Gauntlet Gallery

An trendy San Francisco art gallery seeks to expand into the e-commerce space.

There's More

Two Ways to Display Art.

I designed a dual-purpose website for a pop-art gallery in San Francisco: an experience highlighting the gallery's exhibits and an e-commerce print shop.

Monochromatic Color Palette.

I kept the website's color palette simple with grey tones, white, and a lime green accent color so that the art could play the starring role.

Providing artists a platform to showcase their accomplishments.

Ecommerce User flow.

Much of my time was spent designing an intuitive purchase  flow for those who want to buy prints through Gauntlet's online shop. I collaborated closely with the gallery's two owners to make sure the flow was short and sweet, but provided the user with all of their purchasing options.

A nice mobile experience captures compulsive purchases.

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