Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights

The first national organization focused on supporting local clean-air policy campaigns.

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Pulling together Multple campaigns.

ANR believes that the most effective change comes at the local level. They provide technical, legislative, and procedural support to any group that wishes to change their local laws in favor of clean, smoke-free air.

My main strategy was to create simple tools ANR could use to create pages highlighting their many local campaigns which were currently spread across different url properties. The major benefit of bringing all of these campaigns into one location is that we'd have the opportunity to brand each campaign under ANR.

Forefronting legistlation.

In a pivotal content move, we created a special call to action paragraph to highlight any legal action currently in process, and motivate users to support each initiative.

Saturated Color Palette.

I chose a mostly black and white color palette with splashes of red and orange to add energy. Black brings a heaviness to the page playing into the site's serious tone. It signals that "something is wrong" and abstractly symbolizes the "smoke". 

Then those red and orange moments provide a welcome jolt, grabbing the user's attention at the most critical moments to illicit an action or highlight important information.

Designing a Site that motivates action.

For the layout, I chose to play with a left and right alignment for a couple of reasons. One, to force the eye to bounce around the page, to focus the user's attention and to create physical movement. Two, to design a feeling of imbalance that represents the "wrongness" of the content discussed.

All the user actions are in large buttons with action driven words like "I Will Fight" to drive an emotional response.

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