West Oakland Job Resource Center

A local organization committed to providing low-income community members construction and logistics jobs at the Port of Oakland.

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Designing a site inspired by construction sites.

My favorite part of the design process is creating a visual language from things my clients see everyday and showing them in a new way.

For West Oakland Job Resource Center, we were heavily inspired by the colors and lines seen at a construction site. The sharp angled lines were drawn from the angles of cranes which we emphasized with the use of white space. The orange and yellow colors are inspired by the worker's attire, hats and vests, and they play beautifully off of the two blue colors in WOJRC's logo.

simple and direct language.

The main goal of this site is to get community members into WOJRC's assessment and training programs as fast as possible so they can be placed in jobs immediately.

Since many of the site's user's have limited education, We wanted to make the language simple and direct. We stripped the process down to 3 steps that feel immediately achievable to help get users through WOJRC's doors.


For additional clarity we sourced icons off of The Noun Project. We used these icons to reinforce key pieces of content and to clarify its meaning for individuals who have a difficult time reading.