Designing a mobile app and website.

As the lead designer for ElockTech’s website and mobile application, Bikelink, I was responsible for establishing the brand elements, designing all of the user flows, wireframes, and the high-fidelity mockups.

Mobile App Creation.

The Bikelink mobile application allows users to rent and lock public bike storage lockers with the tap of their phone. My team was there from ideation through the design, which included user flows, copywriting, wire framing, and the interface design. We established Bikelink’s brand elements, including fonts, colors, iconography, and graphical elements.

The application is currently under development and is planning to be launched in early 2019.

Designing user flows for busy commuters.

I focused heavily on the needs of the majority of Bikelink's users, commuters. Our research showed that these individuals are always crunched for time and need a fast, simple way to storing their bicycles.

I designed a user flow with as few steps as possible for a painless process.

View Invision Prototype

Defining security Visually.

One of the Bikelink's brand differentials is the emphasis they put on security.

Within the design I wanted to provide real-time security updates with the use of clear "locked/unlocked" visuals.

Marketing Site Design

Elocktech also wanted an associated marketing website with an interactive map of all of the Bikelink locker locations. I lead the wireframe process and interface design of the map user flow.

The site is currently under development and is planning to be launched in early 2019.

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