National Network of Abortion Funds

Creating a platform for women to share their personal abortion stories.

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Interactive Storytelling Map.

The National Network of Abortion Funds empowers women by removing the financial and logistical barriers to abortion services. They meet women at the intersections of racial, economic, and reproductive justice.

I lead the design on NNAF’s newest initiative: create an interactive platform where women can share their personal abortion experiences.

User Experience Design.

One of the interesting design challenges in this project was incorporating two distinct but connected pieces of information. While the emphasis is on the individual stories, I wanted a way to access the state data and vice versa.

It was important to NNAF to contextualize their powerful stories with geographical and fiscal state data.

Incorporating NNAF's Branding.

Much of NNAF's We Testify branding was determined prior to my engagement. I pulled many of the graphical elements, colors, and fonts from that style guide, but with my own spin.

I chose a ribbon graphics as my button element that keeps in sync with many of the graphic elements. I created a small infographic for the display of the state data. And I re-imagined the use of their current graphic elements in a way that felt fresh, but fit like a glove.

Under Development

The design has been approved, and this interactive feature is currently under development.

What They Are Saying

It is amazing what you can do with very little direction. I appreciate the way you understand what we are trying to say, but say it so much better than what I imagined.

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