Visualizing our connection to each other and the world.

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Re-Branding a global network of female leaders.

I designed of all components of the MADRE website from the colors, fonts, design elements to designing the user experience on each page. The design approach was to create a visual language that emphasized MADRE's global reach.

Connecting the dots.

When I started to think about the user interface for the new site, I wanted the design to illustrate the connection between MADRE and their partners, the user with the stories we were telling, and, on a general note, how everyone is interconnected. Running with this idea I incorporated lines throughout the design to connect each piece of content with the next. In addition, the lines help move the user from the top to the bottom of the page.

Responsive Design for Mobile Users.

A large portion of MADRE's audience used their mobile devices when viewing their website, but their website wasn't mobile friendly. With the new design, users are able to fully engage with the content no matter what device they viewed the site on.

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