Kanopi Studios

A web agency pairs creative solutions with sustainable and strong architecture, creating an entire digital ecosystem.

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A fine tuned sales strategy.

Kanopi Studios is an 8 year old web agency with a website they quickly grew out of. In order to attract bigger clients, they needed to design an alluring a new website experience that could be updated by their marketing director without the assistance of a developer.

simple and stylish.

The CEO, Anne, wanted to present Kanopi as a high-concept, contemporary agency. Much of her inspiration came from architectural firm websites that feature simple layouts with strong lines, defined sections, and dotted with micro interactions.

The simplicity of the new layouts allow the case studies to take center stage, the real-world products of Kanopi's services.

Compelling Case Studies.

Kanopi's biggest selling point were their many case studies. It was important to create an engrossing narrative that hooked a potential client and kept them engaged.

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