A theatre commons updates its branding to correlate with its ambitious mission.

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A simple idea - imbalence.

HowlRound sees itself as a counter-culture, disruptive force within the theater community. Its constantly challenging the status quo and bringing disenfranchised groups to the centerstage.

In their logo design, it was important to create a feeling of unrest, of imbalance, and highlight HowlRound's place within the conversation. HowlRound's logo is a minimalist representation of a square pulled apart and slowly being put together. HowlRound's block can be interpreted as both the "missing piece" of the conversation or as the piece rocking the institution.

Print and Media Assets.

Part of our brief was to design all print and media branding materials for HowlRound's use. This included all social media assets for Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, business cards, letterheads, a case study PDF, and email templates they could customize in MailChimp.

HowlRound Website Design