Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Serving military, medical, academic and government clients by administering, managing and supporting scientific programs.

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A Modern twist on an established brand.

As the design strategist for HJF's new Drupal website, I was responsible for establishing the information architecture, content strategy, and implementation of their brand language.

I demonstrated HJF's authority and thought leadership through tone, forward-thinking design, and adherence to AA accessibility guidelines.

highlight wide array of services.

One of our goals was to demonstrate global impact by showcasing their various disciplines at all their global locations. HJF's provides administrative services for military medical research facilities around the world. Since its founding in 1983, HJF has served as a vital link between the military medical community and its federal and private partners.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The business goals were to increase contact form submissions by 10% YoY, increased time spent on site, increased page views, and decreased bounce rate.

Brand consistency.

In order to compete on an elevated level we took branding rules created years earlier and modified them to work on a digital landscape.

I created a pattern library to break down page layouts into their atomic components to maintain visual consistency across pages and states. This library is a living styling document that can evolve with the client's business strategy.

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