Improving qualified leads through a consistent user testing schedule and focused design fixes.

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Gathering our Baseline

One of the challenges the Five9 digital team faced was gathering feedback from other internal groups. We particularly wanted to get the sales team's feedback on personas, their team's goals, content gaps, and how the website facilitated their conversations.

We discovered that sales interfaces with 3 different groups: Enterprise teams who are concerned with scalability and security, mid-market teams who are concerned with speed of execution, and small businesses who are concerned with simplicity and cost. With these sub-personas identified we were able to enhance Five9's 2 persona groups and build a comprehensive customer journey map.

Prioritizing Solutions over Features

On of the key learnings was that prospects buy solutions, not features. When Five9 is compared to other call center software, they lose out 90% of the time. In order to be competitive we needed to shift the narrative from "Here are all of our features." to "Here's how our features will solve your problems."

Our first design project was to re-imagine the capability story. We wanted to show the value of each feature by incorporating relevant testimonials and quantitative data alongside the story. This was a large shift in strategy and our gamble paid off. After the launch of our new capability pages, Five9 saw a 200% increase in Demo form submissions.

Original Design

New Design

Expanding Success into Menu Experience

Our success with the capability page designs sparked a renewed interest in navigation experience. We started this process with a tree test built in Optimial Workshop to determine where the the current navigation fell short.

We learned that we needed to find ways to bring people into Five9's content. The current menu used a lot of internal lingo that prospects did not understand.

Tree Test Results

Testing Menu Variations

Based off of the tree test, we worked with Five9's Marketing and Product teams to build and test 3 additional navigations that met the organizational goals as well as user needs. We weren't able to help the team reduce the amount of menu items, but we were able to organize the many links into understandable categories.

Tree Test Results

Original Design

New Design

New Menu. Now Mobile.

The new navigation increased clicks into the capability pages by 42% on desktop devices. The team's focus shifted to the mobile because with such a large menu the experience needed to be streamlined. We A/B/C/D a few mobile menu designs the team requested and one of my creations. Surprisingly, my design was preferred by our testers because we defined clickable areas and removed 1 menu layer.

Preferred Design

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