Edible Schoolyard

Alice Water's educational project needs a user experience refresh.

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Transforming a Poster Into a Homepage.

For their 2018, Alice Water's had a poster commissioned to celebrate their new pledge initiative - To provide free school lunches for all kids from K-12 whose food was directly purchased from local farmers, and teach children the value of nourishment, stewardship, and community.

My job was to translate the poster design into an interactive homepage, with a goal of getting users to sign the pledge. In addition, I wanted to re-use as much of the site's atomic pieces as possible to keep development costs down.

A Better experience to increase donations.

Alice Water's education initiative, Edible Schoolyard, wanted to re-design their donation form experience to increase the amount of donations. My goal was to make the experience more delightful by incorporating images, a progress bar, and branding the overall experience.

Brand colors, fonts, and graphical elements were established prior to my engagement, and were heavily utilized to keep the visual experience consistent.

This feature is currently under development and will be launched in the summer of 2018.

Global Search Experience.

After the launch of their new website, users found they wanted a global search interface to find specific educational resources and programs.

This page needed to lift a heavy load of content. I leveraged design pieces used in other pages to keep the experience consistent with conventions already used on the site. The most complicated piece was incorporating all the different types of content into a single list, and visually distinguish them.

What They Are Saying

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