Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation

Bringing hope to those who struggle through illness.

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Providing a clear path to information.

Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation’s is the trusted source for all information relating to a cutaneous lymphoma cancer diagnosis. Their users are patients, family, or friends seeking knowledge, new research, and ways to take action.

I can only imagine that many of these individuals are scared, confused, sad, angry, all the emotions that can make information absorption more difficult. Keeping that in mind, it was important for the navigation to be as clear as possible. I designed a mega-menu that provides almost-encyclopedic categories with clear next steps. 

Weaving hope into a design.

One of the main design objectives was to deliver a message of hope. The main way we achieved this message was emphasizing the supportive community within the CLF family.

By featuring the personal stories from the community I was able to provide evidence that a cutaneous lymphoma diagnosis wasn't a death sentence.

The color palette was carefully chosen to be warm and inviting.

Building trust with Readers.

It was important to CLF to be a trustworthy source of information, especially in this day and age. Therefore, the design specifically called out all professionally reviewed publications.

Time Spent on Site

14% Increase

Since launch in 2017, the site has seen an increased in time spent during each individual user session.

What They Are Saying

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